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The RF modulator design of audio and video signals

Release time:2017-02-27

      Modulator, from simple simulation program to a single chip, all need through audio and video input signal conditioning, how to meet the requirements of audio and video input signal is a challenge faced by the design engineer. Although we have into the era of digital video, but due to historical reasons, still retains the RF modulation of analog television to international standards and security monitoring applications. There is no proper integration solutions, but USES discrete device design. The main reason is the difference between standard and design difficulty, as well as the modulator itself to the different requirement of the signal level.
      For signal conditioning usually includes: the video signal to a low-pass filter, band-stop filter and group delay compensation, pre-emphasis and audio signals to adjust the modulation amplitude of the sound, video level control. Based on the above reasons, many cable and satellite receiver, VCR, DVD, TV and so on has not fully meet the design requirements, compared with the composite baseband signal, modulation signal is of poor quality. This paper discusses the application of the interface requirements, and use the standard operational amplifier, discrete component and provides a low cost solution, is presented for most AV equipment rear panel output.
      Actual demand and the problem recommended by ITU BT. 470-6 standard NTSC and PAL video signal of driver RF modulator group delay variation and audio signal preemphasis requirements, but for other specifications of the requirement is not clear.
      Some signal disposal requirements depends on the signal source. For example, if the into the modulator signal from DAC, it will need to rebuild filter to filter out noise and signal aliasing, avoid the diversion.

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