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Polarization of Satellite Signals

Release time:2017-04-11
       FUJIAN SATLINK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is specialized in hdmi to DVB - t modulator, RF modulator and combo meter production and sales. Today, give us a description of the satellite broadcast television signal polarization.
       Satellite TV signal polarization there are four: right-handed circular polarization, left circular polarization, vertical polarization and horizontal polarization. Because the first two polarizations are not commonly used, only the vertical polarization (V) and horizontal line polarization (H) are introduced.

       The vertical polarization and horizontal polarization are received by changing the direction of the rectangular (rectangular) waveguide of the feed to determine whether the receiver is polarized or horizontally polarized. When the long side of the rectangular waveguide port is parallel to the ground, the vertical polarization is received. Horizontal polarization is received when perpendicular to the ground. Polarization direction (polarization angle) varies from place to place. Because the earth is a sphere, and the satellite signal downlink beam is horizontal linear transmission, which caused by different azimuths. The same polarization signal is different, so the geographical location is different, the received signal polarization direction is also biased. The long waveguide port (polarized direction) of the feed will not be completely vertical or horizontally on the ground. This should be noted when adjusting the direction of polarization.

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