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How fax machine works in hdmi to dvb-t modulator

Release time:2018-05-17

1, hdmi to dvb-t modulator image scanning: a mechanical or electronic scanning device to read the image on the image point, and to the digital type; because only the light source projection on the drawing and then scan the reflection of the reflection of the brightness derived, so again Called photoelectric conversion, the value of the image is binary 1 or 0, and arranged in a scanning line.

2, compression coding: scan line image data compression compression to reduce the amount of data transmission and time.

3, modulation: the modulator will be compressed after the image data into the telephone line can be transmitted on the audio analog signal.

4, the telephone network transmission interface: the analog after the analog signal sent to the telephone transmission line transmission, and through the telecommunications switching network spread to the receiver.

5, the telephone network receiving interface: by the telephone loop to receive analog signals sent to the decoder.

6, demodulation: the analog analog signal is restored to digital data code.

7, decoding expansion: the compressed image digital data code decoding and extended back to the original scan line image digital type.

8, record printing: the line of the scan line binary value 1 or 0 digital data sent to the printing device, black and white ink developed on the recording paper.

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