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The difference between analog modulator and DTMB digital modulator

Release time:2018-07-30

      At present, tv IPTV or wide motor set-top box is generally used to watch TV programs, and one TV set-top box pays a viewing fee. For places with a large number of TV sets, "100 TV sets have to pay 100 set-top boxes for viewing fees", which greatly increases the cost of watching TV. In places where there are a large number of TVs in hotels and hospitals, in order to solve the TV problem, analog or DTMB digital front-end transformation will be used to solve two problems:

     1. Reduce the number of set-top boxes and save on viewing fees.

     2, the room does not put the set-top box, easy to manage.

     Hotels, hospitals and other TV sets have more units, set up a front-end computer room, and do front-end transformation. The original cable TV line is unchanged, the set-top box is concentrated in the computer room, and the room does not put the set-top box to watch TV directly on the TV. Reduce the number of set-top boxes to save viewing fees, a remote control is simple and easy to use, to avoid damage to the set-top box or the loss of the viewing card, convenient for rounds and management.

     The maximum definition of analog TV is DVD quality (720 × 576), such as the analog TV program we watched from childhood.

     Digital TV supports resolutions of 1280×720 SD and 1920×1080 HD, suitable for large-screen LCD TVs.

     The difference between analog TV and DTMB digital TV:

     1, DTMB digital modulation supports high definition, the image is clearer, suitable for hotel large screen TV (42 inches or more)

     2, DTMB digital modulation costs higher, 3-5 times more expensive than the analog modulation room, suitable for large hotels and rich units.

     3, DTMB digital modulation requires a TV set after 2015, built-in DTMB digital TV reception.

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