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Introduction to ATSC Modulator

Release time:2017-04-20
  Today, Po Tong Electronics to tell you about the characteristics of TV modulator:
  1, can be equipped with 12 digital set-top boxes, high-definition output 12 sets of digital TV programs, you can also access DVD and other sources.
  2, a machine twelve frequency combination, the first step in the integration of domestic design, non-professionals can also be properly installed.
  3, if you need more than 12 sets of digital programs, you can mix 5 sets of equipment to add 60 sets of digital programs.
  4, reduce the installation time and difficulty, and reduce the installation of other components, integrated design specifications to reduce maintenance.
  5, can make full use of satellite receivers, DVD, video recorders, homemade programs and other free resources to send programs.
  6, the product through the national authority of 3C certification, quality assurance.
  7, with a strong price, to meet the different needs of various users.
  8, save a lot of no period of monthly fee.
  9, save a lot of set-top box purchase costs.
  10, set-top boxes and viewing cards are not placed in the room to prevent loss and damage, easy to manage.
  11, the use of the original remote control TV, to avoid the use of two remote control trouble.

  12, do not need to re-wiring, the use of the original public places of business cable television network.

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