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Indoor small pot satellite TV receiver

Release time:2017-04-24
      Today, FUJIAN SATLINK ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD to introduce you, the small pot satellite TV receiver and its transfer method.
      A small pot satellite TV receiver is an electronic device that converts a satellite downconverter LNB output signal into an audio video signal or a radio frequency signal. Imitation of satellite TV admission machine - accepted the imitation of the signal, at present due to the majority of the signals have been digitized, simply disappeared. Digital satellite TV receiver - is the acceptance of digital signals, is currently more commonly used admission machine, sub-card digital machine, free machine, high-definition machines.
     The Method of Adjusting the Satellite TV Receiver

     How to solve the small pot satellite receiver without Taiwan no program situation? First of all, you can first use the remote control to step down, if the tune or no signal, you can put the pan on the high-frequency head removed, and then there is a plastic cover behind , There is a long piece, take down, and then cover the lid, put on the tuner on it. High-frequency head is what we should know that the pot is about 5 cm long cylindrical. If you are still on the high-frequency head or can not receive the station too little, then that is the machine did not upgrade to the latest procedures, the program set up, the channel will have at least 40 Taiwan.

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