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Treatment of digital satellite receiver fault

Release time:2017-05-03
      Digital satellite receiver some failure, not necessarily the machine failure, there may be other parts of the problem. Here are some common causes of failure and treatment methods:
      1. Symptom: After the boot program menu flowers, garbled or program viewing abnormal mosaic, as well as some programs can not watch and other anomalies;
      Possible causes: Improper operation, resulting in changes in parameters;
      Processing methods: shutdown and then boot processing, if not enough to try to restore the default settings to restore the parameters.
      2. Symptom: After the boot appears red screen and so on;
      Possible reasons: shut down and then boot too fast;
      Treatment method: shut down after 3 to 5 seconds or more and then boot.
      3. Symptom: After the boot block is not bright;
      Possible reasons: the power plug is not plugged in;

      Method of handling: Plug the power plug.

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