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The characteristics of a handheld radio

Release time:2017-05-08
     From the following aspects to tell you about the characteristics of handheld radio.
     1, power: power is small, the antenna is short, the signal transmission distance closer, but basically does not affect the reception.
     2, the installation location: do not need fixed, free to place.
     3, whether you can external antenna: Yes
     4, at home use: take home directly, you can also use the equipment at home to meet the requirements of the DC power supply.
     5, in the unit office use: carry, you can also use an external power supply. The following are the same as the "
     6, outdoor: carry

     7, the team travel: row in the middle to listen to traffic information, smooth driving. Within a few kilometers, you can contact. If left behind too far, you can also receive signals to understand the trend of large forces 8, climbing: carry, replace the high-power battery communication distance farther, will not be lost.

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