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Simple introduction of the modulator

Release time:2017-02-27

      In many places we see modulator three words, and the modulator exactly is what? Below small make up for everyone to do a simple overview.
      1.The modulator definition
      Modulator is short for adjacent frequency modulator, are often described as modulator, TV or the radio frequency modulator is also called Shared a common device, is one of the main equipment of the cable front-end TV room.
      2.The classification of modulator
      Modulator can be divided into digital modulator, analog modulator; Adjacent frequency modulator, frequency modulator; Single channel modulator, 4 multiplexer, multiplexer. From a technical point of view, single channel modulator index is better than 4 multiplexer, 4-way modulator indicators are superior to the multiplexer adjacent frequency modulator index is better than every other frequency modulator.
      3.The modulator function

      Modulator is the process of signal source can be a digital TV set-top boxes, satellite digital TV receiver, DVD machine, computer, camera, TV modem AV signal source) provided by the VIDEO signal (VIDEO) and AUDIO signal (AUDIO) to create a stable high frequency radio frequency oscillation signal, VIDEO for amplitude modulation mode, AUDIO for FM modulation method.
      4.The modulator system
      According to different color TV system in the world, the modulator modulator are PAL, NTSC modulator, SECAM system modulator three formats, USES a PAL - D system in our country.

      Adjacent frequency modulator used in PAL within 48 MHZ - 750 MHZ band - D system adjacent fixed channel output frequency modulation way, the design circuit USES the image frequency, audio frequency CPU dual phase locked loop (PLL) design train of thought, on the device USES the import high quality broadcast modulation chip (TOSHIBA, MOTOROAL, INTECH, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, FAIRCHILD, etc), high performance surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter, vestigial sideband suppression is greater than 65 db, 110 dBuv, rf output level stable amplitude, frequency, accurate, unique way of filtering, out-of-band output to suppress more than 65 db, the image modulation, frequently partial tone, A/V ratio, average rf output voltage adjustable, flexible use, 19-inch standard chassis design, facilitate standardization installation.
      5.Modulator applications
      Modulator is widely applied in all kinds of cable television system, satellite TV, TV station, township television, closed-circuit television, monitor and control system, digital set-top box transformation system of hotels and restaurants, as well as the army, school education audio-visual systems such as large TV user's system.

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