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Two Modulation Methods of Satellite TV Modulator

Release time:2017-05-17
      With the development of satellite TV, TV modulators began to be widely used. Because now many families use cable TV, for satellite TV modulator is not very clear. In fact, the modulator is mainly for the signal regulation.

      We use the modulator output level has two kinds of adjustment method, one is to set the attenuator before the amplifier, lower the output level will lead to lower output signal to noise ratio; the other is in the amplifier module output Set the attenuator, reduce the output level will not lead to lower output signal carrier to noise ratio. Therefore, the use of the former modulator, the output level should not be too low to use. Since the user often does not know whether it is a modulator after use, the industry generally does not advocate to adjust the output level of the modulator too low. In order to leave room for adjustment, the output level should be adjusted to approximately 5 dB below the nominal output level.

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