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China combo meter:The classification of modulator

Release time:2017-05-18
     There are two main modulators: built-in and external.
     Built-in modem is actually a computer's expansion card, insert a computer within an expansion slot can be used, it does not need to take up the computer's serial port. It is very simple connection, the telephone line connector into the card "Line" jack, the card on another interface "Phone" is connected with the phone, usually without a modem, the phone is not affected at all.
     The external modem is a box that is placed outside the computer. It takes a serial port on the computer and requires a separate power supply to work. There are several status indicators on the external modem panel that allow you to monitor Modem communication status, and external modem installation and removal easy, set and maintenance is also very convenient, but also easy to carry. External modem connection is also very convenient, phone and line connection with built-in modem. But the external modem uses a serial cable to connect a serial port of the computer to the modem serial port, which is typically shipped with an external modem.

     An important performance parameter for the modem is the transmission rate, which currently has 28.8K, 33.6K and 56K modems available on the market, and the 56K modem has become the mainstream product of the market. But because of the restrictions on domestic communication lines, as well as too many users, too few international exports, the usual use is difficult to achieve the above rate, so if you use the transmission rate shows only a few K per second or even lower, you do not doubt Computer or modem has any problems.

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