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The problems of satellite digital TV receiving

Release time:2017-02-27

      Xiaobian summed up a few of us in the use of satellite digital TV, the receiving side of the problem often occurs. Let's take a look at it.

      1.A receiver is not divided, card and non card machine, card machine must be inserted into the card inserted into the card, piracy is not to pay can see the encrypted TV? Not the card is not card can watch free TV? Non card is not only watch free TV?
      The receiver has a simulator and digital machine, digital machine is divided into ordinary digital machine (non card machine) and card machine, card machine card not only access to the unencrypted (free) TV programs, buy pirated cards can see the encryption program without paying the fee, the card is not card can not encrypt (free) the TV program, the card machine can not only non encrypted TV (free), but sometimes will also broadcast encryption and decryption for a short period of time, you can use the non card machine to receive, but you can not receive the encrypted.
      2.the receiver and the receiving card is not required to upgrade software and licensing
      The machine is upgraded, the card is authorized. As an ordinary user simply do not need to upgrade the receiver, version of the software is not necessarily higher than the original software. The machine hardware development now is also very fast, even if the manufacturers new software, so you may have the machine hardware does not support the card authorization is automatic, each authorized time of 10-20 minutes, different TV taking the authorized time is not necessarily a month, there is also a week.
      3.What does it mean? Satellite TV is not to be authorized? 
      Is authorized to verify your this card, card reader is only authorized, no ordinary digital machine.

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