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Modulator use and maintenance

Release time:2017-05-20
1.Do not use the modulator in high temperature and high humidity conditions, do not use liquid cleaning the device.
2.The PBI of this equipment adopts three-core power cable, and the user must not remove the ground terminal. And the use of cable television system must have a good grounding.
3.The device can be plugged in the power to work, if not, please unplug the power plug, turn off the machine after the boot interval should be greater than 5 seconds.
4.The device should be powered off when connecting audio, video input cable and RF output cable.
5.The RF output level of the equipment is adjusted to 115dBμV (M), 120dBμV (H),when connecting other equipment should pay attention to the size of its output level is reasonable. Note that the level is too high will cause non-linear distortion and interference.
6.When a failure occurs, the user should focus on checking the audio, video and RF connection cable; V / A adjustment is appropriate; RF level is normal;Whether the external voltage is normal.

7.If the failure is serious, please pay the agent to deal with.

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