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Five digital television transmission mode

Release time:2017-05-23
      With the development of modulators, led the application of digital television, which because digital TV than the traditional TV has more advantages, so now the development of fast. So what is digital TV? Digital TV is in the source, channel, trust three aspects of the full realization of digital and digital processing of the television system. This is a more scientific definition. How do modulators communicate on the television we watch every day? There are several main ways.
      Digital TV refers to the program recording, editing, transmission, transmission, storage, reception and display all the digital processing of all the new TV system. It can also be said that digital television is in the source, channel, trust three aspects of the full realization of digital and digital processing of television systems. Each content is a lot of service functions are simple and complex, its complexity, system cost and charges are also different. Single channel transmission can be divided into wired transmission and wireless transmission, cable transmission and sub-cable transmission, coaxial cable transmission, twisted pair transmission; wireless transmission is divided into fixed transmission and mobile transmission. And these transmissions are sometimes used interchangeably.
     1, according to the signal transmission classification:
     Digital TV can be divided into terrestrial wireless transmission (terrestrial digital TV), satellite transmission (satellite digital TV), cable transmission (cable digital TV) three categories.
     2, according to the definition of fidelity classification:
     Digital high definition television (HDTV), digital standard definition television (SDTV), digital low-definition television (LDTV), the difference between the three main image quality and signal transmission channel bandwidth is different.
     3, according to product type classification:
     Digital TV can be divided into digital TV monitors, digital TV set-top boxes and integrated digital TV receivers.
     4, according to the display screen size than classification:
     Digital TV can be divided into 4: 3 format and 16: 9 format than the two types.
     5, by service type:

     Can be divided into broadcast digital TV, interactive digital TV, streaming media figures.


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