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How the power modulator works

Release time:2017-05-25
       Power Modulator has four outputs: 2,1,0, -1, just as a four-stage switching power supply control, as shown in Figure 5. MASH modulator output 2, the highest voltage power is turned on, the other three power off; output -1, the lowest voltage to open the power, the remaining off; output 1 or 0, the same token.
       The output of the MASH2 modulator is between 0 and 1, so the output of the power modulator is between 2VΔ and 3VΔ, and the voltage of the power supply modulator is between 0 and 1, In order to expand the output range of the power supply, MASH1 and MASH2 are required. When the output voltage between ~ 2VVΔΔ, the use of MASH1; voltage between 2 ~ 3VVΔΔ, the use of MASH2; voltage between 3 ~ 4VVΔΔ, the use of MASH1. This combination of first order and second order MASH takes into account both the output voltage range and the ripple size. The sampling value of the envelope can be divided into integer and fractional parts. Assuming that the sampling ADC is 10bit and the high 2 bits is an integer part, there are 00,01,10 three values, and the lower 8 bits are input to the MASH modulator as the fractional part.

        The first term is the tracking output voltage for the input signal envelope. The second term is the ripple of the power supply. Since the quantization noise is the coefficient () 11Nz integer, the energy of the ripple is concentrated at high frequency.

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