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TV modulator can save the set-top box input and us

Release time:2017-06-01
     In China's television industry, the emergence of digital television, modulator identifies our technology is constantly moving forward. With the overall translation of digital cable TV work, for some small equipment when there will not be a big problem, but for some have hundreds of TV festivals of the enterprise will face a problem: the use of digital television, a TV Machine must prepare a modulator to watch the normal, this will have to pay a high viewing fee.

     The use of digital TV modulator can save a lot of set-top box input, the modulator eliminates the need for long years to pay the set-top box monthly fee, an investment, long-term benefit. Digital TV modulator equipment works, the set-top box focused on the engine room as a signal source, the set-top box signal into an analog signal, and then sent to each room. But also do not have to change the original line of the user, the room using traditional viewing methods easy to manage and use. The current digital TV modulator has been widely used in hotels, foot bath, hotel, rental buildings, factory dormitories and other owners of hundreds of TV.

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