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The summary of ATSC modulator

Release time:2017-03-02

     Xiaobian compiled the relevant content of the TV modulator, and then for everyone to introduce.
     One,What is a TV modulator
     TV modulator can simply called modulator, is also often referred to as the adjacent frequency modulator or vibration frequency modulator, is the audio and video signals to the modulation frequency, input for audio and video signal, high frequency signal for specific frequency output. TV modulator is often used in hotels, hospitals, sauna foot massage and large restaurant, rental, dormitories and other places, is the main equipment in front of the TV room. It is effective to ensure the residual sideband characteristics by using the intermediate frequency filter, which is suitable for the adjacent frequency transmission system.
     Two,the function of TV modulator
     The main function of TV modulator is to signal source (digital TV set-top box, 9 dual-mode satellite set-top box, telecom IPTV set-top box, DVD or VCD machine, computer, camera, television demodulator AV signal source) video signal provided by (VIDEO) and the audio signal into high frequency modulation (AUDIO) RF oscillation signal stability, amplitude modulation for video, audio frequency modulation.
     Three,the classification of TV modulator
     TV modulator can be divided into digital modulator and RF modulator; RF modulator according to different classification criteria can be divided into: according to the frequency interval: adjacent frequency modulator, vibration frequency modulator; according to the frequency difference: low frequency modulator, high frequency modulator; frequency adjustable according to: frequency agile modulator, fixed frequency modulator. From the current industry situation, the modulator is a very good quality price ratio.
     The above is the relevant content of the TV modulator, do not know if you have any understanding of this product?

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