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The advantages of RF Modulator

Release time:2017-06-03

     In the modulator, radio frequency and microwave products in the field of communications is widely used, the use of wireless products, in many areas can find RF useless. Today, people use wireless technology to obtain or process information, users of the field of product features and performance requirements are getting higher and higher.

     In the RF products, the modulator will continue to invest in high-performance product development, in different frequency of radio applications, the design staff can use the same device. Digital gain adjustment amplifier designed for low cost direct conversion radio receivers. Both of these products can be used in high-performance receivers, the combination of these two chips will make the direct conversion receiver to meet the requirements of 3G and 4G standards, and its advanced architecture to reduce the number of active components in the radio design 60%, significant savings in board space and bill of materials costs.

    In practice, the high performance and applicability of RF products has been fully demonstrated, these products to help customers reduce design complexity, shorten the time to market and improve product quality and so made a prominent contribution.

    In addition, the RF chip and RF power amplifier integration, applied to portable and fixed products.

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