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Development of sound and light modulator products

Release time:2017-06-05
  In many modulator products, through the continuous development of technology, the product itself is constantly improving and being used to various industrial places which. For acousto-optic modulator products, but also experienced a lot of time before being widely used in the industry.
  Modulator With the development of laser technology, the application of acousto-optic modulation more and more to expand into various industries.
  (Optical) engraved servo track technology research, the use of laser micro-spot recording characteristics of the disk memory channel density has been greatly improved, and in the pre-optical servo recording device, an important task is to light the laser beam Emphasizes the system of light pulse modulation, and usually used both sound and light modulation.
  In the laser printing machine, the deflection modulator of the laser beam is realized by the principle of acousto-optic modulation Bragg diffraction.Using the high frequency driving circuit can produce high frequency electric oscillation, through the ultrasonic transducer to form ultrasonic, through the rapid control of ultrasonic, The purpose of the device to modulate the laser beam.

   In the military, it is also widely used, such as a new type of detector: radar spectrum analyzer. Air Force pilots can use it to analyze the radar signal on the plane to determine whether the aircraft is tracked by the enemy. The oscillating signal generated by the internal semiconductor laser is mixed and amplified to drive the acousto-optic modulator to produce ultrasonic waves. When the external signal changes, the ultrasonic wave also changes and the angle of the diffracted light changes, reflected on the diode array. It is easy to identify the enemy radar signal.

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