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The effect of the modulator in the amplification

Release time:2017-06-07
   With the development of limited television in China, for the TV modulator products, in the adjustment of the signal play a significant role. In fact, as a modulator, the main converter DC amplifier circuit is an important part.
  To enlarge the DC signal ui through the PBI modulator, into the AC signal U; and then amplified by the AC amplifier, the final by the demodulator into the DC output signal UO; oscillator to generate switching signal U; for the control of the modulator Sampling action. Since the amplification task of the signal is done primarily by the AC amplifier and the zero drift of the AC amplifier is negligible, the zero drift of the modulator and demodulator can also be made small, so the modulated DC amplifier can be used to amplify the faint DC signal,

  Modulators typically come in three forms: mechanical modulators (mechanical choppers), transistor modulators, and field-effect modulators. According to the circuit can be divided into parallel modulator and string, parallel modulator two, the latter than the former superior performance, but the structure is complex.

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