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Modulator of optical fiber sensing technology

Release time:2017-06-15
   In many cable television, because the signal to achieve the transmission, so technically use the modulator to achieve this purpose. In many of the modulator technology, a wide range of distributed fiber optic sensing technology.
   Because the distributed fiber optic sensing technology has the ability to simultaneously acquire the measured and distributed information in the sensing fiber region with time and space, the modulator has many advantages, and its basic features are:
  1.Distributed fiber optic sensing system in the sensor components only fiber;
  2.A measurement can be obtained within the entire fiber area is measured one-dimensional distribution map, the fiber frame set to grating, you can measure the measured two-dimensional and three-dimensional distribution;
  3.The spatial resolution of the system is generally in the order of meters, so the measured in a narrow range of changes in general can only observe the average;
  4.The measurement accuracy and spatial resolution of the system are generally related to each other.
  5.Detection signal is generally weak, which requires the signal processing system has a high signal to noise ratio;

  6.As a result of the need for a large number of signal addition in the detection process, frequency scanning, phase tracking and other processing, thus achieving a complete measurement takes a long time.

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