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The output problems of Encoder Modulator

Release time:2017-06-17
       The output level of the encoder modulator should normally be adjusted to about 5 dB below the output level specified by the manufacturer to leave room for future adjustment. Typically, the output level of the modulator is 110 dB or 113 dB and the output level can be adjusted to 105 dB or 108dB. And the output levels of the respective modulators should be the same, so that the flat signal is output later by the mixer. Regardless of the number of channels of the system, no matter how many users should be set up.
       The front-end amplifier should use a 20dB gain front-end dedicated amplifier (if a 24dB gain of the common trunk amplifier can also be used on the independent front end of the village), followed by a splitter or splitter to drive the optical transmitter or trunk amplifier or User amplifier. If the signal level of the mixer output exceeds the input level of the amplifier too much, you can set the splitter or distributor and then feed the amplifier. It is not allowed to take the way of reducing the output level of the modulator. Otherwise it may be possible to deteriorate the carrier-to-noise ratio.
       If the hotel is an independent front end, the mixer out of the signal can directly drive the trunk amplifier or user amplifier.
       The total output level of the front-end amplifier can be debugged as a 72+ gain G, or slightly as high as 2,3 dB.

       The input level of the optical transmitter can be calculated from the actual number of channels in the case of non-full load (when the village is independent). In the system full load design, according to the provisions of the specification value.

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