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The basic working principle of Encoder Modulator

Release time:2017-06-29
  At present, many places will use a different Encoder Modulator. When installing some Encoder Modulators, pay attention to the use of switching power supply.

  Encoder modulator relative to the linear power supply power consumption of the larger shortcomings, switching power supply efficiency of up to 90% or more, and low cost, small size. Switching power supply by the adjustment tube, filter circuit, comparator, triangular wave generator, compare amplifier and reference source and so on.

  The output waveform of the triangular wave generator is applied to the inverting terminal of the comparator, which in phase compares the output Vf of the amplifier. When the amplitude of the triangular wave is less than the non-inverting input of the comparator, the comparator outputs a high level, and the corresponding turn-on time is ton. On the other hand, when the amplitude of the triangular wave is greater than the non-inverting input of the comparator, the cutoff time of the corresponding adjustment tube is toff. In order to stabilize the voltage output, feedback is introduced by the voltage negative feedback to determine the link between the reference source and the comparison amplifier. Assuming the output voltage increases, then FVo increases, the comparison amplifier output Vf decreases, then the comparator output waveform toff increase, so that the adjustment tube turn-on time decreases, the output voltage drops, play a regulator role. If the DC resistance of the inductor is ignored, then the output voltage Vo is the average component of the regulator tube emitter voltage Ve,

  Where q is the duty cycle. When the input voltage is constant, the output voltage is proportional to the duty cycle, and the amplitude of the output voltage can be controlled by changing the duty cycle of the output waveform of the comparator.

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