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How the digital TV modulator is used

Release time:2017-07-01
     I believe we have seen a lot of digital TV. In some of the subway and bus, there will be a lot of digital TV broadcast. Many people know that the use of this TV, basically the way to use signal transmission. But in these devices, we have not seen the wire, did not see the set-top box, then, what is the signal transmission work? The answer is the digital TV modulator device.

     The use of digital TV modulator describes how televisions can watch digital TV programs. We all know that now watch digital TV programs must install a digital set-top box for the job, in fact, the role of this set-top box is to receive the digital signal of the radio station, and then set-top boxes of these digital signals to decrypt and convert the analog signal, and then transmitted to the TV on board. The digital TV modulator here plays a role in adjusting the program.

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