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The advantages of multi-channel modulator

Release time:2017-07-03
In the modulator product production technology, the use of a number of multi-channel technology. One of the multi-channel modulator is one of them. Among the many modulator products, this device has a lot of advantages and features.
1. Modulation circuit using today's mainstream modulation chip with single-chip control, stable and reliable.
2. The modulation circuit of each channel is completely independent, the channel configuration is very flexible and convenient, the user can make non-adjacent frequency of any channel arrangement requirements.
3. Output signal is strong, 32-way modulator, for example, the use of dual power multiplier module a line output.
4. Power supply redundancy, can be a year of continuous and stable work.
5. The factory has completed the cable TV transmission equipment related debugging, in the field without debugging, power, input AV signal can work, can be installed by non-professionals.

6. Multi-channel modulator integrated installation, compact structure, do not need dedicated room.

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