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How to set the circuit of MPEG2 Modulator

Release time:2017-07-05
  In the MPEG2 Modulator products, many times for the power circuit settings which also have a lot of requirements. Here we look at the product settings, how to set the power circuit.

  UC3842 constitute the switching power supply circuit, 220V mains by the C1, L1 filter out electromagnetic interference, PBI negative temperature coefficient of the thermistor Rt1 current limit, and then by VC rectifier, C2 filter, resistor R1, potentiometer RP1 step by step UC3842 the supply side, for the UC3842 to provide the starting voltage, the circuit after the transformer to pay the bypass ③ ④ rectifier filter voltage on the one hand for the UC3842 to provide the normal working voltage.

  On the other hand by R3, R4 voltage added to the error amplifier inverting input ② feet, for the UC3842 to provide a negative feedback voltage, the law is the higher the pin voltage drive pulse duty cycle smaller, in order to stabilize the output voltage The
  ④ feet and ⑧ feet external R6, C8 determines the oscillation frequency, the oscillation frequency of the maximum up to 500KHz. R5, C6 are used to improve gain and frequency characteristics. ⑥ foot output of the square wave signal by R7, R8 divided after driving MOSFEF power tube, the transformer primary winding ① ② the energy transfer to the edge of the winding, the rectifier filter output after the value of different DC voltage for load use.

  Resistance R10 for current detection, after R9, C9 filter into the UC3842 ③ feet to form a current feedback loop. Therefore, the power supply by the UC3842 is a double closed-loop control system, the voltage stability is very high, when the UC3842 ③ pin voltage At 1V when the oscillator stops vibration, protect the power tube is not over-current and damage.

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