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Introduction to HD Digital Satellite TV Receiver

Release time:2017-03-31

       High-definition digital satellite TV receiver refers to the satellite down-converter LNB output signal into audio and video signals or RF signal electronic equipment. That is, we usually called the "set-top box", and now high-definition digital satellite TV receiver has been more common today Xiaobian you focus on the introduction of high-definition digital satellite TV receiver structure, installation, and purchase skills.

       First, high-definition digital satellite TV receiver structure.
       HD digital satellite TV receiver digital TV signal directly to the user's home that is DTH mode, this way satellite transmission power is stronger, mainly by the front-end systems, transmission and uplink systems, satellite, user management systems, conditional access systems and users to receive System composition.
       Second, high-definition digital satellite TV receiver installation.

       Plug the power cord on the digital satellite TV receiver into the power outlet, and insert the signal cable into the antenna jack of the TV to receive the signal from the designated jack on the back of the main unit (the same color is inserted) The satellite TV receiver is installed.

       Third, high-definition digital satellite TV receiver to buy skills.
       1. Select the interface is complete, good to adapt to the future upgrading of equipment;
       2. Select enough channels, such as hundreds of channels to ensure that viewing content;
       3. Select the reader device, in order to search all-round satellite location, search for more programs;
       4. With DISEQC switch, in order to ensure that a machine in the multi-star reception to play a good level;

       5. Select the low threshold, in order to ensure that the weak signal, small diameter antenna to receive, in order to receive and other conditions to obtain satisfactory results.

       High-definition digital satellite TV receiver is now very popular, read the above believe that you have a clear high-definition digital satellite TV receiver structure, installation methods and purchase skills, hope that the above content for your help.

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