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combo meter manufacturer:What is a modulator

Release time:2017-07-13
     The modulator and demodulator must be composed of non-linear components, and the modulator / demodulator can also be implemented by circuits such as multipliers.
     Amplitude modulation is to use low-frequency signal to control the high-frequency carrier signal amplitude, so that the carrier amplitude with the modulation signal is proportional to change. (AMB / SC-AM) of the carrier and the suppression of the carrier's single sideband amplitude modulation wave (SSB / SC-AM), and the amplitude modulation wave is the amplitude modulated wave (amplitude modulation wave) SC-AM).
In the modulation, the carrier signal frequency changes with the modulation signal, called frequency modulation or FM, with FM; carrier signal phase with the modulation signal changes, known as phase modulation or phase modulation, with PM said. In both of these modulation processes, the amplitude of the carrier signal remains unchanged, while the frequency and phase changes are shown as phase angle changes. Therefore, the FM and phase modulation are referred to as angle modulation or angle adjustment.

    The modulation process is the process of moving the low frequency signal to the high frequency band. The modulation process is to control the high frequency oscillator with the transmitted low frequency signal so that the parameters (amplitude, frequency and phase) of the output signal of the high frequency oscillator are changed with the change of the low frequency signal so as to move the low frequency signal to the high frequency band 9 Driven by high frequency signals. The modulation process at the sender, the device that completes the modulation process is called the modulator.

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