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The different from ATSC modulator and DVB modulato

Release time:2017-07-19
    There are some differences between the ATSC modulator and the DVB modulator:

    1.Program logo: In the DVB system, the program is always identified as the originalnetworkid / transportstream / serviceid method. Where originalnetworkid is issued by the authorized party to the certified operator or the advertiser. This combination of methods is used to identify governance that facilitates charging and subscription information. In the ATSC system, there is no originalnetworkid logo, the user can see is a similar to the 2-1 primary and secondary numbers associated with the identifier, where the main number 2 is the carrier's NTSC license plate, the broadcast of all the services are Using the main number to identify; the second number 1 is used to identify the specific service in the main group, the number 0 reserved for the player's imitation channel service, 1-999 can be used to identify the digital TV service. This mechanism makes transportstream and serviceid disagree on TV terminal users.

    2.Information table (EIT): ATSC and DVB have their own EIT, although the same name, but their structure is very different. In addition, each EIT in ATSC is only 3 hours of useful period, every 3 hours, EIT-0 will be abandoned, the successor of the EIT will replace the status of the previous EIT (can be modified MGT PID to complete ). In addition, ATSC has a limit on the beginning of EIT. If a program spans several EITs, it must also be present in these EITs, and the thing ID must be the same. In the DVB specification, there is no such limitation.
    3.Directional Channel Conversion (DCC): DCC is a new feature in the ATSC specification. It defines two tables in the BasePID (0x1FFB) packet: the directional channel conversion table (DCCT) and the directional channel conversion selection code table DCCSCT). The directional channel conversion is an optional function of the supply company, which navigates the user to the relevant optional broadcast content, which can be active and can be interactive. And similar mechanisms are not presented in the DVB system.
    4.Redundant table: DVB TS stream in addition to the TS stream included in the TS table, but also can include other TS stream SI table to facilitate the channel to find. Although ATSC also promised VCT to include other TS stream information, but in general, out of the goal to speed up the visit, ATSC SI table only includes the TS stream program guide information.
    5.Skip PAT / PMT parsing: ATSC TVCT includes servicelocationdescriptor, this descriptor includes all the information inside the PMT, including streamtype and PID. That is, the ATSC decoder can skip the PAT and PMT parsing and jump directly from the TVCT information to the destination logical channel.

    6.Related beam table (BAT): BAT in DVB provides a list of related services to facilitate user ordering and reading. There is no similar mechanism in ATSC.

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