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combo meter:where the modulator is used

Release time:2017-07-28

      With the increasing number of electronic technology in China, now in a lot of combo meter modulator or digital TV which will use the modulator products, then what is the specific place?

      1, modulator for hotels, hotels, hospitals, sauna foot bath, rental buildings, factory dormitories and so on with 30 to hundreds of TV group business or owners.
      2, whether it is 50 or 200 TV only need to use 20-40 set-top boxes, TV more cost savings more obvious, an investment, long-term benefit.
      3, can retain the original analog signal program, together with the multi-channel digital TV program mixed output, each room can also watch different channels of the program.
      4, can be connected to satellite set-top boxes, radio and television set-top boxes, IPTV set-top boxes, DVD and other program sources, can also use the company's "good as a single movie player" to achieve their own channels.

      5, the modulator without re-wiring and change the original line, easy installation, stable performance, the installation without the need for other professional tools.

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