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Modulator how to adjust the digital TV channel

Release time:2017-07-29
    Now on the use of many digital televisions, some modulator products are used. The appearance of the modulator solves the use of a large amount of money in the use of set-top box equipment. Now in many public places, because the use of multi-modulator equipment, for the realization of the signal more convenient.
    Digital TV for the two four-way modulation board, each board has four completely independent modulator circuit, mixed in the board. The output of the two boards is remixed, totaling eight strokes. Two eight-way modulator and then mixed, can be composed of 16-way modulator, and so on, by the multi-eight modulator can also be composed of 24, 32, 40, 48 modulator. Practice shows that the current 16-channel and 32-way modulator market demand the most, 40 Road and 48 modulator for TV monitoring system are more.
   1.32-way modulator needs four eight-way modulator again mixed, for the convenience of users, we will be more than 32-way multiplexer installed in a dedicated rack, while all the power supply, mixer, power amplifier and other accessories also Also installed in the rack, only a fully mixed multi-channel RF output, finished 32, 48 modulator.
  2.The modulation circuit of each channel is completely independent, the channel configuration is very flexible and convenient, the user can make any non-adjacent channel arrangement requirements.
  3.Multi-channel modulator integrated installation, compact structure, do not need dedicated room.
  4.Output signal is strong, 32-way modulator, for example, the use of dual power multiplier module a line output.
  Note: 64-channel modulator Z8 channel above is a non-standard channel, although the use of no impact, but the "non-standard" may cause some users may be disgusted, please carefully selected.
  5. The factory has completed the cable TV transmission equipment related debugging, in the field free debugging, power, input AV signal can work, can be installed by non-professional construction.
  The main features of the multiplexer:
  Power redundancy, can be a year of continuous and stable work.

  64 channel modulator part of the use of adjacent frequency technology, Z8 and the following 20 channels using adjacent frequency transmission, Z8 above channel using channel compression technology, the normal interval between 16MHz interval compressed to 14MHz, so after processing, in the TV broadcast band arrangements 64 channels can be achieved.

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