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What is required to receive terrestrial digital te

Release time:2017-04-02
      FUJIAN SATLINK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is specialized in hdmi to DVB - t modulator, RF modulator and combo meter production and sales.Todayt,o tell you about the terrestrial digital TV signal to receive what conditions.
      Receiving the premise to confirm whether the local ground wave signal whether the local radio and television launched a free program. It is well known that the ground wave signal is still in the signal popularization at this stage, many areas of radio and television have launched a ground wave signal, but if the local radio and television is only done signal coverage is not debugging finished without launching free programs this is not able to meet the watch.
      For the TV, the need to have terrestrial digital TV signal reception capability, if it is old-fashioned analog TV, can also be accepted through a dedicated set-top box, and then converted into analog signals connected to the TV.
      Ground waves to send the signal generally cover the number of kilometers around? In general, about 30 km straight line distance, the ground wave is a straight line, covering a number of factors related.
      In the ideal state, 200 km can also be received. Such as surrounded by the plains, built a 600-meter TV tower, 200 km no problem. If surrounded by high-rise buildings, towers and building height is almost, 30 km is also difficult to receive. Base station launch height, transmit power. Receiving antenna height, receiving equipment threshold, as well as weather factors, etc. will affect the reception.

      Finally, once again and we popular under: ground digital TV set-top box must support DTMB standard for signal transmission and reception, the need for external outdoor or indoor antenna to watch TV programs.

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