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Introduction of no pot satellite TV signal receive

Release time:2017-08-04
   Today, many businesses have introduced the product without a pot satellite TV receiver, and said that the use of this equipment, simply do not have to be in the outdoor frame high-day pot will be able to receive satellite TV signal. This dishless satellite receiver is favored by consumers, given that the state prohibits individuals from installing terrestrial satellite reception equipment privately.
   Business propaganda of the potless satellite TV receiver in the end can receive satellite signals? From a practical point of view, "no pot" to receive satellite signal technology is fully achievable. No pot satellite TV receiver is mainly through the radio direct, refraction made before the new antenna to obtain satellite signals, by virtue of this technology is to make "no pot" to receive a reality.

   Although there is no pot satellite TV receiver this device, but in recent years, some unscrupulous businesses see no pot satellite TV receiver market is particularly broad, they moved a distorted idea, want to seek profits through the potless satellite TV receiver, So there are many fake potless satellite TV receivers on the market. These fake no-pot satellite TV receiver simply can not receive the signal, so friends in the purchase of no pot satellite TV receiver should pay special attention, please try to buy well-known brand TV receiver, but also should be no pot satellite TV Receiver for an in-depth understanding, so that in the selection of no pot satellite TV receiver can be self-identification, but also to avoid the appearance of fraud.

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