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The reasons of MPEG2 Modulator can not be adjusted

Release time:2017-08-09

     MPEG2 Modulator channel can not adjust the fault out of the receiver, and some channels can not receive the failure may occur in the receiver can also occur in the outdoor high-frequency head.     Because due to vibration or other causes caused by the frequency of the medium oscillator oscillator frequency serious deviation, the input signal can be close to the high-end or low-end part can not be beat into the first IF signal, so that the receiver can not solve Tune these signals.     After excluding this possibility, the cause of the failure can be determined to fall on the circuit associated with the receiver tuning circuit. For receivers, the reason why the channel can not be tuned or some channels can not be received may be:

    1, adjust the loop varactor diode damage or performance deterioration, the oscillation tube damage or performance deterioration, so that the frequency can not change with the tuning voltage or change smaller, resulting in the channel can not be tuned or some channels can not receive.
    2, adjust the voltage input open circuit or ground short circuit (such as filter capacitor breakdown, etc.), so that tuning voltage can not increase the tuning circuit, causing the channel can not be tuned.
    3, adjust the voltage generation circuit is not working properly, if the voltage is too low can cause some channels can not receive, no voltage can cause the channel can not be tuned.
    4, adjust the voltage generation circuit is not working properly, if the potentiometer tuning circuit, it may be poor contact of the potentiometer or related operational amplifier circuit is not normal; for voltage synthesis tuning circuit, it may be active filter components damaged , Or micro-processing is not normal; for frequency synthesis tuning circuit, it may be frequency synthesizer or microprocessor work is not normal, the output data is wrong.

    5, adjust the touch button switch bad or damaged, can not provide the correct input to the microprocessor control signal.

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