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Calculation formula of DVB - T Modulator frequency

Release time:2017-08-16
   In the DVB-T Modulator installation, according to the characteristics of DVB-T Modulator, in the circuit, the need to design a 30 ~ 36V adjustable switching power supply.
   AC input through the rectifier filter to get DC voltage, after LM317 obtained 16.5V DC voltage, as the UC3842 chip start voltage. After the chip starts by pulse width modulation control power tube switch to achieve the regulator output. The core of the control circuit is the UC3842, and the high-speed switching power tube at the subsequent stage is required to meet a certain withstand voltage and a sufficiently large rated current.

   Here you can use IRF540, the pressure value of up to 100V, rated current can reach 33A. High-frequency transformer boost coefficient of 1.2, the use of double bridge spacing of 0.3mm iron core, made of 0.65mm diameter copper wire wound. High-frequency transformer out of the pulsating DC voltage, first through the diode finishing, and then through the three 50V / 3300μF electrolytic capacitor, and by a 33μH inductance and two 104 capacitance Π-type filter filter output.

   Can calculate the operating frequency of about 40kHz, in line with the requirements of switching power supply. In the UC3842 2 feet connected to a 10kΩ potentiometer, by adjusting the potentiometer resistance to change the feedback voltage, so that the pulse width of the duty cycle changes, which can achieve the output voltage of 30 ~ 36V continuous adjustable changes.

   The use of UC3842 design of the current pulse width modulation switching power supply, to overcome the voltage control pulse width modulation switching power supply slow frequency response, voltage regulation and low load regulation of the shortcomings of the circuit structure is simple, low cost, Small, easy to achieve. The power supply is the current power supply and the ideal power supply, has great prospects for development.

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