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combo meter:the principle of analog walkie talkie

Release time:2017-08-17

      The microphone is collected and the audio signal is sent to the FM circuit to the corresponding high frequency or radio frequency signal, and then amplified by the amplification circuit to the required output power through the switch through the transceiver low-pass filter circuit from the antenna to send out; The signal is received on the link by the receiving antenna and then filtered by the low-pass filter. The signal is amplified by the electric tuning circuit (with the filtering function) and the low noise circuit. The amplified signal is converted to the desired level through the mixing circuit IF frequency, filtered and amplified to the corresponding integrated demodulation chip, the second frequency to the secondary IF frequency, and then by the frequency demodulation circuit demodulates the audio signal, and amplified by the audio amplifier circuit sent to the speaker output. The entire walkie-talkie is in the same frequency or different frequency of the half-duplex working state.

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