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The application scope of hdmi to dvb-t modulator

Release time:2017-08-25

      SATLINK ELECTRONICS to tell you about hdmi to dvb-t modulator function and scope of application.

      First, hdmi to dvb-t modulator function

      Hdmi to dvb-t modulator's main function is to provide the video signal and audio signal signal to stabilize the high-frequency RF oscillation signal, the video for the AM modulation, audio FM modulation.


1. Modulator with four-way modulation design, saving room cabinet space, easy installation and commissioning.

2. Output signal is strong, the transmission distance is far, the output image is optimized to make the picture clearer.

3. Modulator using intermediate frequency surface acoustic filter, the standard residual sideband characteristics.

4. The use of frequency synthesis technology to ensure that the output TV channel frequency stability.

5. Standard audio and video input, audio and video modulation adjustable, to solve the image is too dark or white situation.

6. Wide range of frequencies for all systems and TV channels in the 49-863MHz range.

     Second, the scope of application of hdmi to dvb-t modulator

1, for more than the number of TV sets of enterprises such as: hotels, hospitals, sauna foot, large food, rental, factory dormitory and so on.

2, the device is simple to install, do not re-wiring and change the original line, set-top box focused on the room, to facilitate hotel management, not easy to be stolen.

3, for the need to increase the satellite channel hotel, you can let all rooms can watch such as: Phoenix Satellite TV, European football and other satellite programs.

4, can be achieved by their own channels, such as the hotel hospital to play their own advertising, school self-taught teaching channels, dance halls, restaurants wedding live.

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