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How the Digital TV Modulator Works

Release time:2017-08-31
     With the use and development of digital television, many families have already started to use digital TV products. In digital television, the modulator is a device that adjusts the television signal.
     Digital TV modulator works: the set-top box focused on the engine room as a signal source, the set-top box signal modulation into analog signals, and then transmitted to each room. But also do not have to change the user's original line, the room using the traditional way to watch easy to manage and used.
     Digital TV modulator features:
     1.can be accessed by satellite receiver, DVD and other program source, easy to play the program.
     2.save a lot of set-top box investment, eliminating the need for long years off the set-top box monthly fee.
     3.do not re-wiring and change the original line, completely past viewing habits, no need to increase the remote control.

     4.easy to install fast, high product integration, simple debugging, installation without the need for other accessories and professional tools.

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