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Set the TV modulator method

Release time:2017-04-05
      Many people will not set the TV modulator, today, Po Tong Electronics to tell you about.
      1, the modulation level of the modulator in the cable front-end system of the signal output part of the analog signal and digital signal is mixed output. Because of their modulation in different ways, their output levels are also different. The analogue television carrier modulation is VSB; that is, residual single sideband modulation system; and digital cable television 64 QAMM modulation, with similar characteristics of the double sideband, their peak power and average power is different, usually the output of digital modulator The output level of the flat analog modulator is 10 dB lower. In addition, the size and flatness of the output level between analog and analog channels, digital and digital channels directly affect the system metrics of the network. For the front end, in addition to the line design control output level, the level of the difference between the level of high and low, the smaller the level difference between the channels, the better the system flatness.
      2, the modulator frequency settings mentioned earlier because the analog channel and digital channel modulation is different, so their output frequency settings are different. It is important that the frequency of the analog TV modulator is set by the carrier frequency of the picture and that the frequency of the digital television modulator is set according to the center frequency of the channel.

      TV modulator set up success or not, directly related to the video content playback, in particular, is now producing a large number of motor plants, each set the content will be different, it is recommended that you buy as much as possible from the regular channels to buy or purchase highly known TV, Has been to ensure product features and quality, problems can also be repaired in time, you can refer to the instructions or in the purchase before the manufacturers to ask how to set up and adjust to understand the basic functions of the role and use, so that the next need to change when Easy to adjust.

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