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Receiving principle of satellite signal receiver

Release time:2017-04-08
      FUJIAN SATLINK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is specialized in hdmi to DVB - t modulator, RF modulator and combo meter production and sales.Today to tell you about the principle of satellite signal receiver signal reception.
      First, the system composition.
      Satellite TV reception system consists of: parabolic antenna, feed, tuner, satellite receiver to form a complete set of satellite receiving stations.
      Second, the function
      1, the parabolic antenna is the star of the satellite signal energy reflection converged into a focus.
      2, the feed is located in the focus of the parabolic antenna at the end of a poly satellite signal speaker, called the feed, meaning the source of the energy supply, the energy will be gathered to the focus of all collected. Feed-through satellite receiving antenna is basically a large angle corrugated feed.
      3, tuner (LNB, also known as frequency down) is the feed sent to the satellite signal down and signal amplification and then transmitted to the satellite receiver. The noise level of the tuner is as low as possible.

      4, the satellite receiver is the tuner sent to the satellite signal demodulation, demodulation of satellite TV image signals and audio signals.

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