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Design the hdmi to dvb-t modulator should consider

Release time:2018-02-28

      A lot of time the modulator will give some users a great help, not only in the visual or psychological experience. A lot of time we are in the design will ignore some of the problems, the most common is the user experience.

      The spatial light modulator is mainly based on the transmission or reflection type of liquid crystal microdisplay technology. Since these modules can be modulated in phase and amplitude, they can be used as dynamic optical elements. Optical functions and optical signals can be obtained directly from the optical software or image source display, and can be transmitted through the computer interface.

      These can be done via a standard image acquisition card VGA interface or DVI interface implementation. The spatial light modulator can be used as an external plug-and-play monitor. In many occasions do not need other additional accessories. The spatial light modulator can be integrated into existing optical devices. To ensure optimum performance, Holoeye performs optical characterization (eg phase modulation) for each individual module.

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